Lake Closure and Practice Cancellation Guidelines

Conditions can occasionally cause practice to be canceled.

Practice will automatically be canceled if either of the following occur:

  • Flows over 30,000 CFS. A graph of current conditions can be found in the sidebar of the website and also here
  • Heavy rain, high winds or thunderstorms

Fossils cancellations will be emailed the night before by the coaches.

Evening and Weekend cancellations will be emailed through signup genius by 1pm on the day of practice or the night before for Saturday practices.

Flows on Lake Natoma are typically 1,500 – 5,000 CFS and winds are less than 15 MPH. If you are uncomfortable paddling into strong currents or high winds, please take note of this. As a guideline, flows over 20,000 CFS and /or winds higher than 20 MPH are not suitable for novices



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