Ho’o la’a wa’a  – Our Canoes have been blessed

Hawaiian culture is rich with ancient ceremony and tradition.

One such ritual still practiced today is the blessing of the canoes

On June 10, 2017, Loea Naomi Kalama along with Kumu Maka held a sacred ceremony to bless of four wa’a. They were assisted by the wa’a kahu malama (caretakers of the canoes) Kahele, Kaimi, Kanai, and Jude. ‘Ohana Kai had a wonderful club attendance for the blessing followed by a paddle out and a nice ‘ohana style brunch.

Loea Naomi Kalama

We had a great showing on a beautiful morning to bless our canoes and club. Mahalo to Kumu Maka and Kahele Kukea for organizing the event.

Our Kahu Malama – Caretakers of the Canoes – Kahele, Kaimi, Kanai, and Jude

Paddle out after blessing

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