Practice Week 17

The Round the Rock – Alcatraz Challenge is this Saturday.

We have 5 full crews; 4 from the evening program and 1 from the fossils

Practice this week will be as follows:

Monday and Wednesday will be an open practice for recreational paddlers and anyone wanting a light practice

Tuesday and Thursday will be for those paddlers racing Alcatraz. We will be working with crews and preparing for the race.

Please sign up for practices as usual 

At the end of practice on Thursday, we will be loading the canoes for the race.

More details and a link to pay race fees will be sent out Tuesday Morning

Last Chance for Regatta Shirts

We are going to be placing one more order for shirts.

Here are the styles available:

  • Women’s
    • Sleevless
    • Short Sleeve – camo
    • Racerback
    • Long Sleeve
  • Men
    • Tank – cotton only
    • Short Sleeve – camo
    • Long Sleeve

The deadline for orders is next Wednesday, August 2nd.

If you would like to order, please email Gail Pierce at

Include the quantity, style, and size. The shirts should be in around August 12th.

Long Distance Season – 2017

2017 Long Distance Race Season

We have just completed a hard 16-week training plan. Our regatta season is over and was extremely successful. This puts us about two-thirds through our season. For those who have been participating regularly, we are at or near the peak of our fitness.

Moving into the long distance portion of our season we need to keep several things in mind.

  • Our “A” race in terms of participation and competition is Alcatraz, which is three weeks away.
  • There is not enough interest from our club to do the Kilohana Klassic
  • Santa Cruz (“B” race) and Angel Island (“A-” race) do not have the same level of participation or competition as Alcatraz
    • This allows room for advancement. For our newer and less experienced paddlers looking to do long course races, there is a progression:  Short course for Alcatraz,  8-mile race for Santa Cruz, and then long course race for Angel Island
  • We need to remember who we are and how we fit into the NCOCA.
    • Our “open” program is new and needs experience in long, open water races.
    • Without an unlimited class canoe, we need to stay in our age classes when possible

We will focus on maintaining our conditioning and refining technique. At this point in the season, it will be technique that puts us across the line first.

Weekly plan:

  • Monday – Recreational, seasoned novices and those wishing to get a “stretch out” and technique based workout.
  • Tuesday – Hard Long Distance suited for long course racers and those looking for a challenge
  • Wednesday – Novice and recreational technique based practice.  Race crews when applicable. Small boats.
  • Thursday – Race crews working on boat mechanics and technique
  • Friday – Clean and load canoes if race on Saturday
  • Saturday – Race or Long Distance practice
  • Sunday – Unload and rig canoes on race weekends

Saturday, either through racing or long distance practice at the lake or in small boats, will be our hardest workout (yes – a race is a workout). Our weekly programming is geared to having you fresh for Saturday, whether it is a race or hard practice. There is no point in hammering it all week and showing up for a race tired.

Training and Programming

In general, our weekday workouts will have less volume (distance) and more intensity. This is where the exercise science shows that you will retain your fitness without burning out. Hard workouts will be hard; Easy workouts will be easy. Technique is king.

Improved fitness (work capacity & power) is built through stress and then adaptation. Adaptation is done when you are resting. Recovery is very important now. If you are feeling tired or hurt, it is better to skip a workout than plow through it. This will hurt both yourself and your crew.

We are all special snowflakes, but the program needs to work for 30 people of different ages, fitness levels, ambition, and ability. If you’re not there yet in either fitness or technique and want to improve, there are many ways to do this outside the program. Eldore or Kaimi would be happy to help you with a personal plan. There is an oc1 on the docks available for use as well as the erg loft and weight room at the Aquatic Center.  Cross training can and should be a part of your personal program, however, it should not interfere with your race practices and commitments.

Crews and Canoes

We will be running the following crews for most races:

  • Mens crew
  • Womens crew
  • Coed crew
  • 1 or 2 short crews
    • 1 short crew will be competitive
    • 1 will be fossils or novice

We will not be running time trials or formally ranking paddlers this season. If you wish to know where you stand with your peers, please speak to Eldore privately. Crew selection will be based on:

  • Athletic ability
  • Participation both in practices and the club
  • Participation in races (2 of 3)
  • Value at the seat needed
  • Overall blend of the crew

Regatta #5 – Rosters and Information

Regatta #5 is this Saturday (7/15) in Monterey

Location and Site Information – The beach in front of Monterey Bay Kayak

 Please bring easy ups, tables, and chairs.  I will have a large jug with ice water

Team Information

Please be on site at 7:00. We are borrowing a canoe from Kae Kai and need to do anything we can to help them.

There is no water on site. Please bring whatever you need as well as tables, chairs, and easy ups. These venues can be hot, cold, freezing, wet and any combination of the above. Please be prepared.

Food is up to you, but we like to share.

Rosters and Payments

Use the link below to pay your fees. Each event is $5-. Please enter the number of events shown below in the quantity field on PayPal. The shipping charge calculated at the end is $12- per Race to help offset club costs

Women Men
Cathie B 2 Eric 4
Eldore 5 Gabe 2
Jeanmarie 5 Kahele 3
Melanie 2 Kaimi 2
Rachel 2 Randy 4
Wendy 2 Scott 3
Roxanne 4 Steve 4
Sidne 3 Victor 4
Jan 2 Steve G 1

Practice – Week 15

This week we are going to be working on out Aerobic Base and technique on Monday & Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday we will be focussing on our Regatta training to prepare for the championships in Monterey on  Saturday

Monday – After our warm up we will do the following pieces. Each piece should start with a focus on technique before increasing the intensity. There will be a short rest between pieces.Use the rest periods to reset your mind and start fresh.At this point in out season, technique, not conditioning is going to put us over the line first.

  • 1 – set at 20 minutes at 80% with a rolling start
  • 2 – sets at 10 minutes at 85% with a rolling start
  • 3 – sets of 5 minutes at 90% with a racing start

Tuesday – Regatta technique practice – starts, turns, and powerups

Wednesday – Technique with some distance. After our warm up we will do 5sets of 8 minutes with a short rest between. Each set will be focussed on a different drill

  1. Frankenstein
  2. One sided paddling
  3. 3 on 3 off tractor pull
  4. Change ladder – each count for 4 changes = 9 / 7 / 5 / 3  Repeat as needed to complete 8 minutes
  5. Endurance ladder – each count for 4 changes = 11 / 15 / 20 / 25  Repeat as needed to complete 8 minutes

Thursday – Regatta crew practice – meet on beach

Regatta #4 – Rosters and Information


Regatta #4 is this Saturday (7/8) in Alameda

Location and Site Information – Sea Plane Basin, Alameda , Ca

This is not the same site as Regatta #2

There is plenty of parking, but this site is a concrete jungle. There is no water or shade. Please bring easy ups, tables, chairs, ice and water. I will have a large jug.

Team Information

Please be on site at 7:00 to help unload and rig. We are not towing to the event, but need to support the other clubs who are.

There is no water on site. Please bring whatever you need as well as tables, chairs, and easy ups. These venues can be hot, cold, freezing, wet and any combination of the above. Please be prepared. Remember last year when we were laying on the docks to stay warm between races!

Food is up to you, but we like to share.

Rosters and Payments

Use the link below to pay your fees. Each event is $5-. Please enter the number of events shown below in the quantity field on PayPal. The shipping charge calculated at the end is $12- per Race to help offset club costs

Women Men
OC6 OC1 Total OC6 OC1 Total
Cathie B 2 2 Eric 3 3
Eldore 4 4 Gabe 2 1 3
Jeanmarie 5 5 Kahele 2 1 3
Melanie 2 2 Kaimi 2 1 3
Rachel 2 2 Randy 4 1 5
Wendy 3 3 Scott 3 3
Roxanne 3 3 Steve 5 5
Sidne 3 3 Victor 5 5
Kristie 3 3 Don 1 1



Mahalo Nui Loa

Capital Outrigger hosted our first regatta on Saturday, June 24, 2017

It was a huge success thanks to our great ‘Ohana. Many thanks to all who participated:

I’d like to mention a few in particular. Please forgive me if I forgot someone:

  • Don, Kahele, and the fossils for the great help, raffle donations and showing we can fill all seven lanes with a Kupuna class.
  • Jan and Eldore with an assist from Elija, the Hawaiian Tattoo guy for the T-shirt design
  • Scott and Eric for the trophies. Scott has had several offers to make awards for other clubs
  • Roxanne for her great job as MC
  • Jan, Eldore, Wendy and all of you for the getting great donations and help running the raffle and selling shirts. The raffle brought in over $1,000 and was the best I’ve seen at an event like this.
  • Our shirt sales were close to $2,000. Thanks for being patient about buying our own. You can Get your shirts now!
  • Gail for keeping all the money straight
  • Eric and Victor for getting the canoes rigged and running great
  • John Sedar and Jennifer Fleming for coming out at 5:30 am to help out
  • Cindi and the staff at the Aquatic Center
  • Jan and her pilot friends for the flyover
  • Eric for the barbecue and Linda for the fruit salad. All the food was great, but these guys went above and beyond
  • Bob, Billie, Rick, Claire, and Don for helping the race officials
  • Eldore and Kaimi for coaching us. Here are the results:
    • OC1 medals: Helen (2), Kaimi, Randy, and Gabe
    • OC6 medals:
      • Open Coed 1000 – 2nd place
      • Master Women 500 – 2nd place
      • Master Men 500 – 1st place
      • Master Coed 500 – 1st place
      • Senior Master Women 500 – 1st place
      • Senior Master Men 500 – 3rd place
      • Senior Master Coed 500 – 1st place
      • Open Women 500 – 3rd place
      • Open Men 500 – 1st place
  • And everyone who stayed to the bitter end to help Junior load the NCOCA trailer

The positive comments are flooding in from other clubs – you guys are awesome!


Regatta #3 – Roster and Information


This is a big event for our club and a great fundraising opportunity.

RAFFLE: We have already collected some great donations for the raffle and have more coming. Please bring all donations to practice on Wednesday or Thursday.

T-SHIRT SALES: We will also be selling our NEW REGATTA shirts. Please allow the other clubs to purchase before we do. We can always place a supplemental order to make sure everyone gets one.


SETUP: There is a lot of work to do to set this up and make it a successful day. Please help the club make this a great event by signing up to help here:

FOOD: We need to feed the judges and race officials as well as ourselves so please sign up for something here:

Eric and Kaimi are going to provide the meat. The plan is to smoke pork butts and bbq chicken. The cost for this will come out of your race fees.


Unless your sign up is earlier, everyone needs to be on site no later than 7 AM ready to work. We will all need to stay to the end ( about 5 pm) to help with awards and cleanup.


Junior the Race Director has required that our club help him sing “Hawaii Aloha”. Here is a linkto a video:  and here is a link for the lyrics (print it and follow along with the video)


We will be wearing the new shirts. It is going to be very hot, so please take precautions: hats and sunscreen. Stay hydrated and have fun.


The Kupuna race is free and not included below. If you are listed as paddling with another club, the race fee is paid by the other club. The $12- club fee listed as shipping on the Paypal checkout will help pay for the pork and chicken as well as other costs. Please go here to pay your fees. Enter the number of races listed in the total field into the quantity field on PayPal.

Women Men
OC6 OC1 Total OC6 OC1 Total
Bev 2 2 Blake 1 w/Kei Kai 0
Billie 1 1 Bob 2 2
Cathie B 3 3 David 2 2
Claire 1 1 Eric 3 3
Eldore 3 3 Gabe 3 1 4
Gail 2 2 Jerome 1 + 1 w/ Kilohana 1
Helen 4 2 6 Kahele 3 3
Jan 3 3 Kaimi 2 1 3
Janet 1 1 Kanai 2 w/ HPOCC 1 1
Jeanmarie 5 5 Randy 4 1 5
Jen 3 3 Rich 1 1
Kathie R 2 2 Rick 1 + 1 w/ Kilohana 1
Kelly 2 2 Scott 3 3
Melanie 2 2 Steve 4 4
Nancy W 1 1 Victor 4 4
Rachel 2 2
Wendy 3 3