This week we are transitioning from our Regatta to our Long Distance Season. Tuesday and Thursday practice plans are switched this week to allow for the paddlers who raced this weekend to recover. Typically, the Tuesday practice will be harder.

Monday – Technique focussed distance

Tuesday – Leapfrog – Warm up and paddle to China Wall, then leapfrog to Negro Bar and back

Wednesday – Technique focussed practice and small boats

Thursday – 510’s – After our warm up we will be working on passing intervals to simulate race conditions. We will do 4 sets of 5 minutes very hard (start of race and passing pace) followed by 10 minutes of race pace. We want to work on a consistent stroke rate (54-56), applying more power during the 5-minute intervals. Take a short rest between.

Saturday – Moderate paddle to the wire. This is an important practice to get some distance since we are not racing this weekend.


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